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Cannabis is among the most rapidly growing industry in Canada and has a high potential to grow as a startup. However, as an emerging niche, it still encounters a tough challenge regarding advertisement, optimization for search engines (SEO), and PPC.

There are presently only a handful of options to market your cannabis and CBD business on the well-known advertising platforms, including Facebook/IG and Google Ads. This situation will probably remain unchanged until cannabis products are declared federally legal.

Then, how do cannabis retailers manage to succeed online, and how is digital marketing unique in the industry of Cannabis?

Cannabis and CBD companies have a few simple but effective digital marketing tactics to help spread the word and generate that good old cannbis revenue. Collaborating with influencers in the industry is one way in which both legal and grey market cannabis and CBD brands and sites can get the word out. 

Working with influencers in many cases is difficult to negotiate mainly because the channels that they have influence ie. Facebook cannabis and Instagram cannabis and CBD restrict this type of content.

Traditional print media as well as cannabis SEO and CBD SEO can in 2022 be enormously successful if done right. Cannabis and CBD SERPS are full of companies trying to game the system.

The secret sauce to ranking cannabis and CBD brands in Google search is intent and cadence. 

Cannabis Purchasing Intent

Cannabis & CBD purchasing intent is extremely important in 2023 because Google’s algorithm can read a page’s intent. The algorithm expects and ranks pages that can match your page search intent with the searcher (customers) search intent. It may be AI or big brother, we say it’s brilliant.

Cannabis and CBD Cadence

Cadence is all about frequency. Cadence is different based on if the content is on-page cannabis SEO content writing or off-page CBD back linking. When it comes to cannabis blogging or articles there  some seo’s  think that 50+ articles can move the SERP’s needle faster.

What works is testing. That’s  the big advantage a cannabis and CBD agency like Skyrocket Media has over a freelancer to in-house seo person. We have the cannabis testing experience under our belts to help you shorten the time to strong Returns on your marketing dollars.

When you can’t use marketing as a stopgap and need to build a multibillion-dollar brand, you must master SEO, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and partnerships. Finding conventional advertising options that aren’t as strictly controlled implies that these firms will already be well established when advertising chances come up. The long-term strategy can only result from a legal inability to market itself.
We predict that there will be federal legalization of Cannabis and CBD within a few years. The continued medicinal and recreational expansion will create jobs and generate tax revenue, and they won’t be neglected for long.

If you have a Cannabis or CBD online store or manufacturing brand…get ready because the flood waters are about to start flowing.

If you’re looking for the absolute best in Cannabis & CBD digital marketing please reach out to us.

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