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Local SEO is the type of organic ranking within Google maps. Once we optimize your business into the top 3 or 4 (3pack or 4pack). You can expect a 2 – 6x return on marketing dollars spent. 

Local SEO within Google is more important than ever in 2022

The goal has always been to drive high intent customers to your business. With local search, the spotlight and return can be that much greater depending on the vertical or niche. High intent customers are more likely to convert with local businesses that have realistic reviews and listings in Local search results.

Mobile exploding, Google responds with shift to Local Listings.

With Mobile searches now eclipsing that of desktop and tablet combined. Keeping our business partners in the digital spotlight becomes ever so important. Our experience with small screen marketing has taught us that regardless of the screen, two things matter the most.

1. The Message

Delivering your message in a way that resonates with your customers is paramount.

2. Pivot Quickly

Use data and experience to pivot into and out of trends and channels to maximize revenue.

Mobile First Rankings

With mobile devices dominating the digital landscape, google announces a mobile-first ranking algorithm change. This creates massive changes in how agencies and companies approach rankings. This also led to a whole new approach to local rankings as Google introduces maps listings with reviews, images and free sites.

With any opportunity, there will always be those black hat people who try and game the system. Google seems to be on top of it with regular algorithm updates in local SEO marketing results.

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At Skyrocket Media, we like to do things differently. Because we’re business owners first, we look at Google Ads campaigns from a business point of view.

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