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Why would you choose us over any other agency?

We’re absolutely obsessed with improving results each and every month. With Google ads (Adwords) management, retargeting, SEO, web development and conversion rate optimization. We have the experience, data and creativity to make that happen very quickly.

Why would you choose us over any other agency?

Toronto SEO Agency Case Study

Canadian Diagnostic Network Rebrands and Uses SEO + Google Ads to dominate its niche in less than 6 months.

kitchen company digital marketing SEO agency Toronto

Aggressive SEO helps Impressions Kitchens explode into premium retail home services after two decades in wholesale.

HR consulting business digital marketing agency case study

After years of failed SEO firms, PPHR turned to us to help sleigh a Pharma virus and create an SEO strategy that would help them dominate the HR Outsourcing niche.

Aggressive-creative SEO campaign helps Emergency 101 take traction in Toronto's saturated Restoration niche.

chiropractic marketing case study SEO Google Ads Agency

Branding of a new location with a new site, helps Allen Health Chiropractic own the Organic space with a double silo SERPs solution.

flooring store digital marketing SEO Google ads adwords case study

1974% Increase in customers visiting Tile & Decor. 3x Gross Sales per month.