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Cannabis Marketing Agency for many organizations in Canada, Ontario, Vancouver and the east coast has be challenging. Many paid advertising still face restrictions. Which makes organic not only the best return on ad dollars spent but also a great way of increasing lifetime conversions with trusted organic serp positions.

Now that the cannabis is mostly legalized in Canada for recreational use the industry behind it is smokin’. Even though it’s one of the hottest industries for CBD, hemp, medical and recreational marijuana. Marketing and advertising have been stunted due to government regulations. Almost all major channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Ads have banned cannabis marketing in Canada and the USA.

How much does Cannabis SEO marketing cost?

The costs are no more than traditional SEO marketing. However, this is all dependent on your verticle (Cannabis organization) and your Geo (Area to rank in). Here are the verticles we currently service:

  • LP’s (Licensed Producer)
  • MOM’s (Mail Order Marijuana)
  • Dispensaries
  • Brands
  • Microcultivators

With the strict advertising rules set by Health Canada companies cannot promote cannabis-related products through traditional channels. Promoting “glamour, recreation, excitement, risk or positive/negative behaviours are prohibited.

Which marketing channel works for Cannabis and Marijuana Companies?

Just because traditional channels are banned doesn’t mean their as effective as traditional Cannabis SEO. Here are the best ways to to get your Cannabis Marketing Company found in 2022.

  • Organic Search Ranking (Cannabis SEO)
  • Traditional public relations
  • Organic Social Media

Reach out to our Cannabis Marketing Agency for more specific info on the best channels and approaches for your cannabis business.

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