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Retail store - Google search case study

Call - click- visit

Local Richmond hill Retailer in business for over 35 years decides it time to up their game. Driving hyper-localized ads while consistently improving call & walk in traffic is key.

Quality over quantity

Turning to an experience agency locally and allocating most of their marketing budget towards and aggressive cross channel approach. This company has surpassed all of its search, display, & mobile goals across the Google platform.

With little to no digital platform Skyrocket media needed to come up with new branding, site, maps, search, display and retargeting solutions.

in-home-blind measurement

created and exceeded

  • Target Customers Within specific Areas
  • Develop Target Demographics for “in market” customers
  • Maintain a multitude of touch points across channels
  • Increase Calls in store
  • Increase Walk in traffic


Drapery Calls & Sales increased by 982%

Blinds Appointments & Sales increased by 1144%

Digital Marketing spending grew while CPA (cost per acquisition) remained consistent or dropped

ROI for Postal Codes targeted consistently topped 163% with a 64% CTR

from the owner

“We’ve been in business for over 35 years & knew that at some point we would need a digital type marketing campaign. Nowadays just having a website is not enough. We need to compete for our customers attention where they spend most of their time. Google, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.”

What I like about marketing now is the immediate reports and changes we can make based on real-time numbers. We no longer need to wait for a mailer to go out and find out numbers at the end of three months. It’s now virtually instant”

in-home-blind measurement

Target and engage

With the specific goal of attracting Call & Walk in Traffic it was important that we hit the Location and Demo target perfectly. 

Hitting spikes of Engagement with Ads, Offers and Retargeting led to consistent gains month to month. We managed to increase Click-through rate (88%) and improving quality scores consistently. 


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