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Since 2019, Skyrocket Media has been a full-service digital internet marketing services provider. With clients in almost every vertical in Canada and the United States. Skyrocket Internet Marketing Services span B2C and B2B clients from small business or single owners to medium and enterprise level corporations.


Search Engine Optimization

One of the best valued return on marketing dollars spent, ever. Great for Lead generation or E-commerce. SEO brings your business front and centre to Google, Bing and Yahoo users. SEO creates high-intent leads because the platform serves the users exactly the best match to the service or product they are looking for right now. Top organic results receive more visitors with more confidence to purchase, sign-up, convert and engage with your business, brand or service.  


Google Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Ads campaigns allows your business to take the top spot in any keyword or brand name you wish. Best used while waiting for your SEO campaign to rank. PPC campaigns can be turned on or off immediately or pivoted to reflect sudden changes in your vertical. A great PPC ads manager pays for themselves in the optimization they accomplish. A great solution for B2C lead generation and e-commerce businesses.  

Web Development

An absolute must for SEO, PPC and Trust

In 2022 potential customers make subconscious decisions on whether a site or brand is trustworthy within the first 3 seconds. Your website is the now the fist touch for many consumers. It’s critical to make the right impression in helping to convert a potential visitor into a paying fan of your business and brand. Landing pages similarly need custom designs that keeps the users focus to the #1 or #2 preferred action. Conversion rates on landing pages can be 2-8x higher than landing google paid ads to home or service pages.

Local SEO

Google My Business or Maps

Any business with a single or multiple locations needs to be utilizing the second most important organic lead generator. Google maps works incredibly well in driving local business into local stores, and calls. Mobile local search is now one of the largest lead sources for local and regional companies. Local search SEO is very different than organic SEO. It requires specific knowledge of local link opportunities as well as image and post specialization.

Why Choose Skyrocket Media for your Online Marketing Services
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No two agencies are alike. For this reason we always recommend you always lean towards the agency that knows your business the best.


Our experience is your advantage. Since 2019 we’ve been guaranteeing online marketing results for hundreds of digital media clients in Canada and U.S.


Controlled testing through experience allows us the luxury of finding consistent gains for every client that joins us. Inquire about case studies in your vertical. From simple changes to landing pages to full Google ads audits and SEO structure. We can quickly identify and make improvements in campaign key performance indicators.


Our Online Marketing services are easy to understand. Monthly reports are simply detailed to allow you to correlate work accomplished to results obtained. Each week we communicate with you to find new strategies to help drive consistent results. Our experience allows us to be fully transparent in indentifying channels do and don’t work.


Schedule your Free Strategy Call Today.


At Skyrocket Media, we like to do things differently. Because we’re business owners first, we look at Google Ads campaigns from a business point of view.

Our Team finds the Channels, Keywords and Creative that Engages with your customers. Feeding the largest Profit centres in your business and consistently delivering better returns month after month.

Schedule your free strategy call and receive a $300 Ads Credit on any of our plans. Only 900 Ad credit cards available.

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